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Human threats to Taiga biome

The human threats to taiga are things like pollution caused by passing coal and oil powered boats, expansion of cities and towns and populations, oil spills caused by tankers hitting icebergs or poorly maintained engines and storage containers. Acid rain is another threat caused by smoke mixing with rain clouds causing them to merge their particles with the water droplets making the rain acidic. Another threat is mines and lumber mills in order to get lumber you need to chop down trees in massive amounts due to the consuming rate of lumber and paper. Now the reason why mines mess with the environment is the fact that when you blast into a hill the rocks and smoke go flying and will kill animals or upset the feeding system, and to add onto that some of the lye and other chemicals that they mine pollute the water by running down hill or leaking into the water table.

The Russian taiga is home to the endangered Siberian crane. They are threatened by pollution that destroys the marshes in the taiga which serves as their only nesting ground. They are also periodically shot by careless hunters.

Another endangered animal is the majestic Amur, or the Siberian tiger. The Siberian tiger is the worlds largest feline and resides in the taiga in far eastern Russia. Its meat, along with its luxurious fur, is highly prized in Korea and Japan. Although the poaching of Siberian tigers is illegal, the Russian people are so poor that any measure is taken by poachers to capture even one of these magnificent tigers. The number of Siberian tigers has dwindled to only 250 to 450 remaining in the world. Unless strict measures are taken to preserve these animals they may disappear forever in a few short years.


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